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          Introduction to MPA Center at Xi’an Jiaotong University

          Xi’an Jiaotong University, with more than 100 years history, has the first pilot center for MPA education in West China. The center was founded in March 2001. Its main goal is to educate the Chinese advanced professional public managers with applied and comprehensive skills for the 21st century, and to improve MPA students’ overall quality and capability.

          In order to promote the strength of the subject of Public Management at our university and lay a solid foundation for MPA education, the university set up School of Public Policy and Administration on the base of Management Science and Engineering as well as Public Administration. The famous population economist, Jiang Zhenghua, who is also the Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, was appointed as the Dean of the school. Many famous professors both home and abroad have been invited as the Adjunct Professors.

          By integrating the excellent teachers and resources in many other subjects, such as Management, Applied Economics, Public Administration, Information Science, etc., the MPA Center of School of Public Policy and Administration not only constructed broad systematic and academic platform, but also provided good opportunities for MPA education.

          Since the establishment, MPA Center has been following the scientific principle and applying the advanced pedagogy to provide the distinctive training, serious education and first-class learning environment for MPA students. The center also tries to highlight the leading principle of research and application as well as the feature of internationalization, to establish MPA professional academic degree with high starting point and standard.

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