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          時間:2017-11-29 點擊:


          講座題目:Grandparents’ Financial Contributions to Grandchildren in Rural China



          講座人:Merril Silverstein


          Merril Silverstein教授現任美國錫拉丘茲大學公民和公共事務學院和社會工作學院教授。曾長期擔任南加州大學社會學和Davis老年研究中心終身教授。2003年至今擔任國際社會學協會老年研究分會顧問委員,長期擔任“老年學雜志:社會科學版”(Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences)、“老齡問題雜志”(Journal of Aging Issues)、“家庭關系”(Family Relation)和“家庭科學”(Family Science)學術刊物的編委會成員。


          There is a sizable literature on grandparents who provide care for their grandchildren in developed and developing countries, but little research on the economic investments that grandparents make in their grandchildren. In this investigation, we used a sample of older adults in rural China to examine direct monetary transfers made by grandparents for the benefit of their grandchildren. Relying on theories of altruistic and patrilineal preferences, we examined financial transfers made by 831 grandparents to grandchildren in the families of 1,634 parents. Results revealed that the greatest contribution went to grandchildren for whom grandparents provided full-time care because their parents were labor migrants. This finding was net of remittances received, suggesting that personal resources of grandparents were being contributed. In addition, transfers to grandchildren fully followed the male-lineage, with the greatest contributions to grandchildren in grandson-dominated families whose parents were first-born sons. Taken together, these findings support altruistic motivations of grandparents within the context of a strong patrilineal system.



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